‘3014’ means the dimension of this SMD LED component is about 3mm(L) X 1.4mm(W). Because the size of 3014 SMDs is smaller than 3528/5050 SMDs. Many more of them can be mounted onto the strip lights to create super bright LED strips.

NEWVOLED 3014 LED strip lighting are bright and energy efficiently. Characteristics are brightness uniform, high density, high light efficiency, wide angle, high CRI, and color uniform.

There are many types of 3014 LED strips when it comes to LED quantity, for example: 3014 LED strip lighting 60LEDs per meter, 3014 LED tape lighting 120LEDs per meter, 3014 LED strips 240LEDs per meter (double rows), 3014 LED strip lighting 238LEDs per meter, etc.

3014 LED strip lighting are applicable for many applications such as cove lighting, cabinet lighting, under-cabinet lighting, task lighting, bookshelf lighting, showcase lighting, cupboard lighting, bias lighting, back lighting of the channel letter and lighting box, decoration of the furniture & ceiling lighting, or other applications where space is limited.

As a professional manufacturer of designing and manufacturing 3014 LED strip lights, NEWVOLED is able to supply 3014 LED strip lights according to customers’ requirements at the lowest pricing in the industry. We have strict quality management system to ensure high quality of our products. We have professional engineers and skilled workers who have been working in our factory for many years. It is unnecessary to worry about the quality of our products. With the capability to process big orders, we are able to deliver 3014 LED strip lighting on time. Warranty for all our products is 5 years.

We have supplied 3014 LED strip lighting to all over the world. Because of the high quality, competitive pricing, fast delivery and good service from us, we have established long term relationship with our customers. If you are looking for a reliable 3014 LED strip lighting supplier, welcome to contact NEWVOLED.