Flexible LED light strips, known as LED tape lights or LED ribbon lights, are bendable and perfect for many applications: home lighting, under cabinet lighting, cove lighting, accent lighting, vehicle lighting, landscape lighting, motorcycle lighting, task lighting, bias lighting, and more.

Regular flexible LED tape lights are 5-meter long, which can be cut it into many segments according to applications. NEWVOLED flexible LED light strips are available with 3-colors PCBs: copper, white, or black finish. Nonwaterproof (IP33) and waterproof (IP55, IP65, IP68) are available. IP68 flex LED light strips can be safely submerged for pool lighting, and other underwater installations.

Because of flexibility, flexible LED tape lights can be installed with their peel-and-stick adhesive backing. For IP65 and IP68 versions, a strong adhesive backing can be added if needed. Regular light colors for flexible LED light strips are red, yellow, blue, green, cool white, neutral (natural) white, warm white. Other light such as pink, UV (blacklight), amber etc. can be customized accordingly.

Flexible LED light strips is safe for indoor and outdoor installation. Voltage of 12V and 24V minimize the risk of electrical shorts and safety hazards encountered.

Our flexible LED light strips include single color LED strip lights, multicolor (color changing) RGB LED strip lights, variable white LED strip lights. Multicolor version and variable white version are controlled by LED controllers and LED dimmer switches.

Constructed with good-quality branded LEDs, our flex LED strip lights are energy efficiently and warmly welcome by customers.

Some customers might need customization of flexible LED light strips. We are able to customize for your needs including controllers, dimmers, motion switches, power supplies, connectors, end caps, and mounting clips. You can use LED aluminum extrusions to match the flexible LED light strips.

With rich experience, we are capable of making it perfect, welcome to contact us.